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I'm Kevin Venzke, and this page is for my IF works. I use TADS 2, so you're going to need a TADS player to play them.
The 2005 Interactive Fiction Competition has ended. My entry, "Chancellor," came in 9th/36. It can be obtained here.
I've finished a TADS 2 add-on library called advext.t, which I hope will be useful.
My email address is

advext.t is an add-on library for TADS 2 and adv.t. The current version is v0.1. The manual is included in the zip, but you may also see it here.
Some capabilities that advext.t adds:
    1. ASK FOR is supported in the same way as ASK ABOUT, and PERSON, GIVE ME THING is handled just as ASK FOR.
    2. Special initial descriptions (in the room description) for objects before they've been moved.
    3. Several classes allowing types of blanket response to interactions (e.g., components, and decorations that needn't be referred to).
    4. "Chatter" daemons which only run when the object they're defined in is visible.
    5. "ScopeAction" methods, allowing any visible object to intercept a command and handle it differently.
    6. Support for implicit TAKE, and a flag for objects which must be implicitly taken to be examined.
    7. Customization of taken, taken-from, and dropped messages.
    8. You can refer to rooms (if they have vocabulary) and GO TO rooms that are defined as adjacent.
    9. A few places to call attention to a change in a room the first time the player sees the change.
    10. An EXITS verb, and the ability to display the exits when the player moves in an unavailable direction.
    11. You can make objects (and their contents) visible from a different room.
    12. Messages displayed during travel, such as when pushing a heavy object around, or being followed.
    13. Disambiguation scoring, to reduce disambig questions that are unnecessary, unintelligent, or which inadvertently give spoilers.
    14. Objects can opt out of being defaults (i.e., objects guessed by the parser when an object is missing, and objects included in ALL) in some context.
    15. A shuffler class, which returns random messages, but won't return a message twice until all have been returned once. contains advext.t, the manual, and a little demo game. If you just want the demo game source and compiled .GAM, please download I welcome feedback on all of this.
"Chancellor," 9th place in the 2005 Interactive Fiction Competition, can be obtained here.
Here is a set of Chancellor tips for each segment. Not quite hints, not quite a walkthrough, but it should give you a push.
My entry for the 2004 Interactive Fiction Competition, "Kurusu City," finished 20th/36. You can obtain it here.
I wrote a 10k TADS 2 game called Roadside Adventure. If you want to play it, you can compile it:
The annotated source code to Roadside Adventure, with commentary mainly to aid someone who wants to try replacing adv.t, or who wants to know the bare minimum that must be supplied in order to use the TADS parser effectively.


Kevin Venzke made all this possible.